The Ministry of justice: traffic fines in Russia will not be lifted

the new Draft of the administrative code, which is currently being discussed, involves not only the extension but also the tightening of responsibility of the Russian motorists for traffic violations. However, the justice Ministry suddenly came to the conclusion that increasing penalties will not solve the problem of accidents.

About radically increasing fines have started talking in the middle of winter, when the justice Ministry published draft amendments to the administrative code. For example, it was proposed to increase the amount of the payment for exceeding the speed limit by 20-40 km/h from the current 500 to 3 thousand rubles, and for the excess on 40-60 km/h fined on 4 thousand.

meanwhile, after a month and a half in the Ministry of justice, it seems, changed his mind. According to “Izvestia”, the decision to leave in the modified version of the administrative code the penalties provided by the current version of the code. This was stated by Deputy Minister Denis Novak.

According to him, appropriate studies clearly show that the tightening of liability cannot be considered an adequate measure to solve the problem of accidents. In addition, earlier Novak said that the sharp increase in fines is contrary to the demands of society.

As noted in the Agency, the Code of administrative offences has a direct impact on the lives of every citizen of Russia, therefore, his modifications should be approached with caution and coordinate every bill on the subject with community members and experts.

Text: Avtovesti