The Ministry of industry and trade reported daily monitoring of food prices

work has been joined By the Russian tax authorities – using control-cash registers online, they track the dynamics of prices for products. Only the list sent to the regions, includes 47 items.

According to Manturov, the problems with the stocks of food in the regions they purchased at least two months. “Working with providers in partnership with the Ministry of agriculture is in daily mode, so there are no interruptions, primarily in the logistics centres”,- said the Minister.

Photo: Alexander Astafyev/RIA Novosti Putin urged not to waste money on products

the Rate of delivery of the goods in the trading network will increase due to the removal of restrictions on entry of freight transport, including after hours.

“Now the situation is gradually normalizing – we get data from the regions. Somewhere wave from Moscow, Moscow region, St.-Petersburg, the boom is extended to other regions. But we constantly monitor this situation,” – said Manturov.

According to the head of Department, in the coming days will begin a gradual decline in the excitement as the townspeople are convinced that the lack of any products and goods in retail chains there.