As stated by the Deputy Russian Minister of health Tatiana Semenova, payments for April to everyone who are supposed to be executed in the usual terms of salary, but not later than may 15. “A specific list of departments, medical organizations and positions medical personnel subject to the payment of determines its head – the doctor,” – said Semyonov.

“We are getting worrying signals from some of the regions in which the workers paid incentive payments in the amount of several hundred rubles, while not explaining the method of calculation. The result is a just a misunderstanding on the part of the staff, the feeling that the people saved,” – said the Deputy Minister. The health Ministry said the health worker if he is in the office working with patients with COVID-19 or biological infected material should receive incentive payment in accordance with 415 decree of the government, which is determined in the prescribed percentage of the average wage in the region. This takes into account the worker’s position and the time that he worked. As for the so-called presidential allowance – it is paid in the amount of not more than 100 percent on a single bet.

That is, if the health worker works at the rate of 0.5 – he gets 50 percent of the allowance, and if two bets, you still receive one payment. In this case payments can only decrease because of absenteeism – for example, in the case of vacation or sick leave in proportion to the number of dead during the month of shifts.

“I Want to note that the desire of some leaders of medical organizations optimize payments and calculate them on the basis of, for example, actually held by the employee time with a patient with COVID-19 “by the minute”, is not unfounded and will require serious evaluation,” warned Tatiana Semenova.