“In each case of the revealed infectious disease is map emergency notification – form 58 accounting in the territorial centre of Federal service, where they are filing. It is for all infections, including, and with the coronavirus”, – stated in the message.

It also explained that registration and monitoring based on laboratory-confirmed cases. The Ministry has specified that for persons with bilateral pneumonia, all efforts are made to exclude different nature of the disease. Experts explained that even if the primary test for the virus in these patients is negative, the diagnosis COVID-19 are possible, for example, if other family members already have a confirmed diagnosis of coronavirus infection.

“These patients are examined in the dynamics, to obtain the result. The laboratory studies do not possess absolute specificity. There is still a certain percentage or a false positive, or false negative, so it is recommended to repeat these tests in dynamics”, – explained in the Ministry of health.

the Agency noted that the statistics include all final diagnoses. Died at home or in nursing homes, are subject to forensic autopsy. If you receive a diagnosis of “coronavirus infection”, they are also taken into account, however, the time study can be included in the statistics later.

the Ministry stressed once again that in Russia the number of deaths from the coronavirus in comparison with other countries is low.

“In Russia for a long time restrained the importation of infectious diseases and was preparing to assist. This period of time from the first imported cases. We had somewhere around a month, which allowed in many regions to prepare a hospital database and prepare equipment. And when patients arrive, they receive adequate assistance, but did not expect, as in Italy or Spain, where doctors had to decide what the patient connected to the ventilator,” – said in the Ministry of health.

it also noted that the whole complex of measures taken in Russia, proved to be an effective deterrent. “In Russia there is no such a sharp rise in hundreds, in tens of hundreds of times, both in the U.S. and in the countries of Europe. This allows you to free up bedspace – someone is hospitalized, but someone is already coming to the time of recovery. If necessary, the patient enters the bed, already ready, has the liner of oxygen,” – said the Agency.