Hot summer weather can have an impact on the spread of coronavirus infection.

As explained, “the parliamentary newspaper” the main epidemiologist of Ministry of health, academician Nikolai Briko, this, in particular, related to solar ultraviolet radiation, which has a negative effect on many microorganisms, including coronaviruses.

as an example, the expert cited devices for disinfection of air force due to ultraviolet radiation. In addition Nikolay Briko reminded that the summer actively vrabatyvaetsya strengthens the immune system vitamin D.

the epidemiologist notes that while it is difficult to understand how to develop the disease, because it depends on many factors, including the dose of the organism and General resistance of the organism.

“But the fact that ultraviolet light and sunlight have a negative impact on the causative agent, is shown. However, the transmission of the pathogen may not slow down. We see that in the countries of South America, where now a lot of infection cases in Brazil and other countries, where the seemingly hot temperatures, the spread of the virus. But its activity is reduced, the UV light acts on it is fatal,” – said the expert.

He stressed that measures such as social distancing and the wearing of masks in public places, transportation and shopping must be respected even in hot weather, because the spreading of coronavirus can continue.