The Ministry of health has established requirements for hospitals that work with coronavirus

So, for non-invasive (i.e. without breaking the skin) artificial lung ventilation can attract physicians of different profiles, and invasive (with the violation of the skin) – only surgeons. In this case, control over the work must be performed by a anesthesiologist, and doctors must undergo training (at least 36 hours).

Photo: Alexander Korolkov/ WG the Cabinet has limited the size of the margins on the mask and gloves 10 cents

in Addition to work can attract students of medical universities, which were attended by a minimum of three courses, and graduate students of medical schools. They will engage in nursing after completing short-term training and under the supervision of senior nurses. For the posts of doctors-interns can invite students in residency and physicians who have not worked in more than five years. They will also need to undergo training.