As previously wrote “RG”, Friday may 15 at the meeting the President discussed the situation in the regions, allowances to the salary began to doctors and other health professionals providing care to patients with COVID-19 was much less than the promised amounts.

“This is due to the fact that in some regions payments were calculated on the basis of time – hours and minutes spent directly with the patient, explained following the meeting, the Russian Minister of health Michael Murashko. – To avoid abuse, the government said that the basis for the appointment of payments is the fact of such work.”

the Minister again indicated the amount of incentive payments: physicians working in hospitals with people who are diagnosed with coronavirus infection, receive 80 thousand rubles a month, paramedics and nurses – for 50 thousand rubles, nurses – 25 thousand rubles a month. Doctors specialized in COVID-19 ambulances, assisting patients with the coronavirus, should receive 50 thousand rubles. Paramedics, nurses and drivers of such carriages, and 25 thousand rubles per month.

“under the new rules, incentive payments will also rely to the drivers of the ambulances to the staff of transport companies operating in outsourcing,” said the Minister.

He also noted that the payments provided for three months: April, may and June and they will be paid in full, “regardless of the amount processed during the month, shifts or hours.” That is, the amount for April doctors should count.

a More detailed explanation of the Ministry of health has sent the regions a letter signed by the Deputy Minister of health Tatiana Semenova. In particular, the letter explained how it considers the employees of medical organizations aimed at COVID Department at the time of the epidemic from other, non-infectious units (the list of employees says the head of the medical organization), how should be paid COVID-allowances of part-time workers, as considered in the calculations of regional factors, etc.