Doctors have warned that hookah Smoking contributes to the spread of the coronavirus.

Hookah Smoking may cause greater harm to human health than Smoking cigarettes. This statement was made in the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation.

“Many people think that the use of the harmless hookah, but hookah is fraught with a large number of hazards in the first place we are talking about a new coronavirus infection”, – quotes the press-service Agency words of the head of the Center for the prevention and control of tobacco consumption SMRC therapy and preventive medicine of the Minzdrav of Russia marine Gambaryan.

As noted by the expert, the bad treatment of the hookah, in addition to the risk of infection COVID-19, can also carry the threat of the spread of tuberculosis, cholera and other dangerous diseases.

According to doctors, fans of hookah one hookah session absorb many times more smoke than smokers of cigarettes, and one hour of hookah Smoking, a person consumes 100-200 times more toxic and carcinogenic substances than Smoking one cigarette.

In addition, the Ministry of health reminded that smokers hookahs are harmful to the health of others, is comparable to the harm from active Smoking.