The Ministry of health assessed the patient's condition with COVID-2019 as satisfactory

“the patient feels well, all contact persons have been identified, are under observation, the situation is absolutely calm,” said Murashko, whose words cites RIA Novosti.

Photo: EPA-EFE/NICOLA FOSSELLA In Bali, the Russians were hospitalized with suspected coronavirus

Previously, the CPS has confirmed a case of coronavirus at the Russians, who had returned from Italy. The Department explained that the young man who became ill on 21 February of this year during their stay in Italy. In Russia, he returned on 23 February and from that moment lived in a private house in the Moscow region.

Man on 27 February appealed to the clinic, complaining of common cold condition. He had all the symptoms of SARS. From the clinic he was hospitalized to the infectious diseases hospital. A survey carried out on the basis of laboratories of Rospotrebnadzor, revealed in the patient the presence of a new coronavirus.