The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine demands from Russia to release arrested fishermen

Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine has summoned the chargé d’affaires of Russia. The Ministry has expressed protest associated with the detention of Russian border guards, and four Ukrainians for illegal fishing in the sea of Azov. This was reported on the website of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry.

the Ministry demands from the Russian side to adhere to its international legal obligations and treaties, as well as promptly provide comprehensive information about the circumstances of the detention of the Ukrainian fishing vessel and four members of his crew.

the foreign Ministry noted that during the meeting, the Russian side handed over a demand to release the Ukrainian fisherman, fishing vessel, and return all fishing equipment.

15 February the Crimean border guards detained the boat, on Board of which there were four citizens of Ukraine without documents. The captain of the ship, in turn, tried to escape. As a result, the boat caught up. During the inspection, it discovered the illegal weapon fishing — entangling net, and about three hundred fishes (flounder-Kalkan). Permission for the extraction of biological resources of the detained Ukrainians were not able to present. In Ukraine, the so-called Crimean Prosecutor’s office opened a criminal case on the fact of detention of Ukrainian small vessel in the Azov sea. The Kerch city court arrested the fishermen for ten days.