The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation: Confiscated from corrupt officials money is spent on pensions

Putin urged the security services to intensify anti-corruption work 2019, every fifth crime in the military was corrupt

Earlier, the head of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin said that last year his office sent to the courts of more than eight thousand cases of corruption. Them to criminal responsibility brought 479 people, with a special legal status.

SK Russia regularly analyzes the effectiveness of the fight against corruption, and the results of this analysis in the current amendments to the Constitution proposed consolidation of the confiscation of property of corrupt officials as criminal penalties, however, this idea did not receive support. In addition, the group of development of financial measures for combating money laundering in the end of last year recommended expanding the list of assets of deputies, senators, Federal and regional officials, executives of state companies and judges, which may be confiscated as illegal wealth.

Putin updated the Council on anti-corruption

the Activities of the Russian authorities, aimed at combating corruption, money-laundering and the financing of terrorism is highly appreciated by international Group of financial action against money laundering (FATF). Russia is a member of the group since 2003. “However, Russia should improve its approach to supervision and to prioritize the prosecution of complex money laundering schemes, particularly relating to the funds laundered abroad,” – said on the website of the FATF.