Ministry of Finance of Russia made a proposal to reduce military spending by hundreds of billions of rubles. About it reports RIA Novosti news Agency.

According to published Ministry document, the financing of the program “Ensuring the country’s defense” in the next three years should be reduced to 323 billion rubles. Thus, next year the cost of the program can be of 1.42 trillion rubles in 2022 of 1.46 trillion in 2023 — 1,51 trillion.

the Ministry proposes to reduce funding for the state program “development of the military-industrial complex” more than 800 million rubles a year. Also consider the possibility of reducing the cost of the program “Ensuring public safety”.

Earlier, Russia is back in the top five countries with the highest military expenditures. According to analysts from the Stockholm international Institute for peace studies (SIPRI), Russia ranked fourth, from 65.1 billion (3.9 percent of GDP). The growth amounted to 4.5 percent. The leaders of the rating were the United States (732 billion U.S. dollars), China (261 billion) and India (71.1 billion).