The Ministry of environment presented the Strategy of development of forest industry

“first, it is necessary to improve the management of the sector, based on verified actual array of all information. We are creating a Unified information system “Forests of Russia”, which tied in with databases of Rosreestr, the Federal customs service, Federal tax service, interior Ministry and other structures. Source of information will be the data of the state forest register in electronic form, as well as an updated forest inventory. Moreover, forest management should be first priority for the use of territories. Appropriate changes to the legislation we have prepared,” – said the Minister.

the Ministry of environment announced the concept of disposal of the packaging by the manufacturer

the Second important condition for Dmitry Kobylkin called the creation of conditions for financial sustainability of regional institutions – forestry. For forest management to move in the lease areas, and that 70 percent of the territory of the forest Fund, it is necessary to empower forestry utility functions.

“To improve the efficiency and quality control it is proposed to revive the forest protection on the ground. In fact, the return of the master in the forest. State forest supervision are going to consolidate at the Federal level. The bill is being finalized in the Government”, – said Dmitry Kobylkin.

in addition, the Minister informed that currently, the plan for ponastroit system of accounting of wood of Lesigues with the introduction of the electronic accompanying document and linking with systems of different responsible bodies prepared by the Ministry of natural resources and Rosleskhoz and 17 February, submitted to the Government.

in addition, a special project office, which will deal with the preparation and implementation of the development strategy of forest industry, the Union of all the programmes and projects Ministry of environment, Ministry of industry and trade and Ministry of construction.

Photo: Sergey Mikheev/RG Ministry of environment has prepared the trading rules of the wood

the Minister of natural resources announced that it was time to return the debt industry and “taken for one hectare – one or two hectares – re-grown – and even man-made forests”.

Despite the forest fires, the human factor dominates the causes of fires. “It is absolutely clear that without more effective enforcement practices cannot solve the problem. In 2019 was initiated 508 criminal cases and only 50 people across the country suffered real punishment in the form of fines. Please give instructions on working with all responsible agencies,” – said the Minister of natural resources.