The Ministry of environment and energy Ministry criticized the bill on the establishment of the state Corporation

Ministry of environment and energy Ministry criticized the Ministry prepared a bill on the establishment of the state Corporation “Rosshelf”, the newspaper “Kommersant”.

According to the Deputy Minister of energy Pavel Sorokin, the bill does not disclose the purpose of the establishment, objectives and financial and economic efficiency of the new Corporation.

the bill noted that the creation of the state Corporation will help to start developing new offshore fields, but did not specify what can be done to attract new investors in offshore projects, “including in terms of existing sectoral restrictions on the financing of projects and attracting technology in the development of deepwater sites,” said Sorokin.

From the bill that “Rosshelf” can get many of the powers of authorities and the state Corporation will start work in the new legal regime, which leads to a conflict of interest. “The Corporation shall have administrative and regulatory powers, at the same time, it will be a party to the agreement, which is the direct object of control”, — said Sorokin.

in addition, the offer of a full release “Rosshelf” tax contrary to the Tax code, and for oil production on the shelf is already installed benefits.

According to the bill, “Rosshelf” takes the decision on granting the plot of Arctic and far Eastern shelf by competition or without competition, however, the conditions of this decision, the bill does not provide that it can become corruption.

In turn, the Ministry of natural resources in its response to the bill noted that there are no “obvious purpose and sufficient reason” for the creation of the Corporation. Give the “Rosshelf” such broad powers may have a negative impact on the offshore development, says the Ministry of environment.

Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev, who oversees the Arctic, proposed to expand the access of private companies to the shelf and create a gecoordineerde. The Ministry has prepared a bill on the establishment of the state Corporation “Rosshelf”.

the bill provides for the admission of private investors to offshore projects in the Arctic and the far East, if the investors meet the requirements, but subject to the entering into consortia with the participation of “Rosshelf”.

According to the bill, “Rosshelf” will be engaged in the collection and study of applications for the licensing of subsoil plots of Arctic and far Eastern continental shelf of Russia, coordination of engineering design of field development, negotiations on the conclusion of agreements on joint development of the site and the creation of a consortium, carrying out electronic tenders for the provision of offshore blocks.