2022 will only install smart electricity meters. From July 1, responsibility for them passed to the energy companies (guaranteeing suppliers in apartment buildings and the utility companies in the case of private residential development).

Consumers will save from 5 to 20 thousand rubles on the purchase and installation of counters, reports the Ministry of energy. Also consumers taken the responsibility for the maintenance and calibration of electricity meters, but remains responsible for their safety, if the meter installed in the apartment or on the plot, where a private house.

Ordinary consumers “smart” meters will allow the online monitor indications and can will also check on the meter. Also, the data will be automatically transferred to the company.

Intelligent metering devices will record the voltage level and frequency, thus allowing the consumer to monitor the quality of electricity. Also, when metering customers will have the ability to remotely change the tariff without replacing the meter (there are three groups of electricity tariffs divided according to time of consumption during the day).

the Introduction of smart meters will not lead to growth rates new spending of energy companies will be compensated for by emerging economy, confident in the energy. The Ministry estimates the savings on the reduction of electricity losses in the 70-80 billion per year in current prices. The largest electric grid company “Russian grids” – is already implementing smart metering devices without raising tariffs, ocupa costs by increasing the efficiency of processes, says the energy Ministry.