The Ministry of economic development revised its forecast for export of oil from Russia

Moscow, February 3 – “News.Economy.” According to “Interfax”, an updated version of the macroeconomic forecast was sent to the Ministry on interagency coordination on January 31.

According to the Agency, familiar with the document, the Agency has not changed its forecast for the extraction of “black gold”: it has remained the same for the whole planning horizon, that is, until 2024, the Ministry is expected in 2020 production of 564 million tonnes after 560,8 million in 2019, further respectively 564 million, 562 million, 560 million, and 560 million tonnes.

as for the export of raw materials, the forecast is somewhat elevated, particularly the Department expects that in 2020 will be exported 272,3 million tonnes (in the previous version of Outlook was 270,2 million tonnes). In 2019 importers were shipped 267,7 million tons. In 2021, the projected supply 270,2 million tonnes in 2022 – of 266.2 million tonnes in 2023 – of 266.2 million tonnes and 2024 – 269,2 million tons.

the Ministry also did not change the September estimate of the export of petroleum products: the Ministry expects that after 150 million tons in 2019 it will grow to 152 million in 2020, throughout the forecast horizon, the index is expected to be in the range of 152-153 million tons. Text: News.Economy