The Ministry of defence announced the merger of the posts of Turkey and terrorists in Idlib

In Syria, the observation posts of the Turkish troops in Iglinsky area of de-escalation is actually merged with the fortified areas of terrorists. About this informed the official representative of the Ministry of defense of Russia Igor Konashenkov, Recalling that a key agreement in Sochi the Memorandum was a commitment of Ankara to disengagement and displacement of the terrorist groups from the outer boundary of the zone of de-escalation to a depth of 15-20 km, and output to the same heavy artillery weapons.

Photo: LOUAI BESHARA / AFP Turkish troops was shot down in the skies over Syria aircraft of government forces

However, the result of nearly 18 months of the agreement was the replacement of the UN officially recognized terrorist groups, “Hayat Tahrir Al-sham”, “Islamic party of Turkestan” and “Horace al-DIN” (banned in Russia) all the militants of “moderate opposition” to the North, to the Turkish border. According to Konashenkov, a merger of the fortifications of the terrorists deployed in the framework of the agreement of the Turkish observation posts. The defense Ministry also noted that the attack and the massive shelling of peaceful settlements, as well as a Russian airbase Hamim steel daily.

Earlier, the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov expressed hope for the improvement of the situation in Idlib after a meeting of presidents of Russia and Turkey, appointed on the fifth of March. According to him, the solution to the problem is through the full implementation of the agreements reached in September 2018 in the area of de-escalation, which have not yet come to life. “I hope that the upcoming this week’s meeting of the presidents Putin and Erdogan will allow you to change this situation and start to move towards the implementation of what we agreed,” – said the Russian Minister.

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