The Ministry of culture has prepared recommendations for portal users

Minister of culture of the Russian Federation Olga Lyubimova noted that every day, more than 120 thousand users have access to the portal content.

“Here you can learn about interesting and important events, national traditions and monuments of our nature in the format of educational articles, notes, interviews, and tests. Only to view the entire content of the portal you will need more than 250 days non-stop,” she says.

Photo: iStock Metropolitan museums open exhibition on the Internet

last year, the portal “Culture.RF” has spent more than 1800 online broadcasts, which looked at 98 million people. According to Olga Lyubimova, it reflects the acute needs of a huge number of viewers in any situation to be able to read a good book, listen to a concert, watch a movie or a play.

Those who have been quarantined or voluntarily switched into a mode of self-isolation, waiting for the masterpieces of Soviet and world cinema, video tours of the main museums in the country (more than 300), symphonic concerts with participation of world stars and cartoons that parents enjoy with their children.

the Students who had appeared for distance learning, would be useful to examine a selection of “Audio books on the works of Russian classics” and listen to lectures about history and art.

to Learn interesting details about the life and work of famous writers, artists, actors and Directors in the section “Podcasts about culture.” It also has can unusual facts about Russian fairy tales and Russian films. Will tell you, for example, a magical herb in Slavic culture and the theatre the etiquette of the XIX century, learn to read “Doctor Zhivago” and remember, when in Russia began to drink coffee.

soon the portal “Culture” promises timesrevenge new tours and lectures prepared by the museums and libraries of the country.