according to the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation, on July 13, the Minister signed the order “About the recommendations for the organizations engaged in public demonstration of films (cinema)”. It means allowing theaters to resume their work. An important clarification – “in the presence of the decisions of the Supreme officials of constituent entities of the Russian Federation”. In other words, it all depends on the epidemiological situation in a particular region. Cinemas need to observe the usual security measures for non-proliferation of coronavirus.

Cinemas, which will once again open its doors for spectators will be required to comply with Rospotrebnadzor sanitary-epidemiological requirements and recommendations.

So, the intervals between sessions in the same room shall not be less than 30 minutes, and during that time you will need to have time to disinfect the chairs and the room.

do Not forget about the already grown into a habit, I hope the majority of Russians, masks and gloves. And not to make crowds at the entrances and exits as well as when purchasing tickets at the box office.

at least a meter should be the distance between the seats in the hall, and between the sofas in the lobby and tables in cafes and bars at the theaters. To sit next to members of the same family or living in the same housing.

Recall that citizens did not make trips to the cinema for almost four months: an order to suspend public demonstrations of films was released on March 23. Now he has lost the power.

“RIA Novosti” quotes the figures: total direct losses of cinemas in the framework of a pandemic expected to reach 48 billion.

on July 13, the mayor allowed the work of parks of culture and recreation and cultural centers, and from August 1, Muscovites will be back in theatres and concert halls, with capacity of not more than 3 thousand. Rooms can only be filled halfway, and no more.