The Ministry of culture creates the first unified poster online events

Information about the online activities proposed by the Russian cultural institutions, will be collected in a special section of the portal “Culture.Of the Russian Federation”.

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the Ministry stressed that the bill “online Culture” will be the first a single directory combining schedule of upcoming online events, as well as reports of other multimedia projects.

Guidelines for interaction with the site sent to subordinate organizations, the Ministry of culture, regional government culture, as well as published on the relevant web page of the technical support of the website “Culture.Of the Russian Federation”.

it is Important that the editors of the portal “Culture.Of the Russian Federation” will provide the cultural institutions with methodological support for the publication of information on ongoing activities, to facilitate placement in the appropriate directories archive videos of lectures, performances, concerts, films and excursions.

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in addition, the portal offers its resources to publishing online-shows on a platform of “Cultural stream” and maximize their online distribution.

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Humanitarian educational portal “Culture.Of the Russian Federation” was established in 2013 and is supervised by the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation. The site contains 2.4 thousand feature films and documentaries, 1.6 thousand concerts, 1.3 thousand lectures about 1,000 performances of prominent Directors, including archival records and contemporary productions, and 700 books in eleTronic format, and more.