The Ministry of construction has presented the first ranking of smart cities

the Maximum number of points – 81,19 – expected scored Moscow. Second place among the largest cities in the occupied Kazan (52,58 points), which overtook St. Petersburg (of 50.37 points). Among 63 largest cities – participants of the rating “prize” places were taken by Khimki (66,32 points), Balashikha (59,38) and Tyumen (58,31). The three leaders among the large cities of Reutov, Serpukhov, Elektrostal. In the category of “administrative centers” won Dubna, Ivanteevka and Naro-fomisk.

Photo: Alexander Korolkov/WG opened In Moscow Park “dream Island”

the rankings take into account, for example, the proportion of homes equipped with smart meters, the availability of energy efficient municipal lighting, public wifi networks, online monitoring of the atmospheric air. Increased the ranking of “digital cities” of the online records in medical institutions, the use of electronic cards for entrance into school, the availability of automated systems for bikes, scooters, skis, and other services.

As stressed by Deputy Minister of construction and housing and communal services Maxim Egorov, estimates of each city will be posted on the website of the Ministry of construction and local authorities will be able to see which direction they should develop in the first place. While the main “failures” in the systems of ecological safety and innovation for the urban environment.

a Key performance indicator is not the value of the index, and the magnitude of its changes from year to year, stress in the Ministry. In the future, said Minister of construction Vladimir Yakushev, “IQ cities” will be synchronized with the Index of the quality of the urban environment.