The Ministry of construction has changed the procedure of resettlement of emergency housing

the recommendations of the algorithm of drawing up and updating of regional programmes for the resettlement of inhabitants of emergency houses. There is a continuous planning of the programme of resettlement until September 1, 2025, timely information to residents and agreed with them the terms of their relocation.

Photo: iStock the Ministry did not support the proposal on the interest on escrow account

“Under the new arrangements for the resettlement of damaged houses the citizens had more choice in what format they will be provided with Federal support. Therefore people involved in this decision and to explain their rights and responsibilities is necessary as early as possible, – said Deputy Minister of construction and housing and communal services of Russia Maxim Egorov. – Moreover, before you start planning, you need to update all the data on homes that are in need of resettlement, the people who live there. To examine the options for future use of land for emergency Fund and synchronise them with the plans of territorial development. To verify all this information at the regional and municipal levels with all holders of information and participants in the program. Often delays in the timing of settlement associated with properly built to the preparatory phase of the regional programmes and fragmentation of information”.

Photo: Artem Lents/TASS Putin was informed about the plans for the resettlement of dilapidated housing

In the recommendations it is established that the house should settle in the order of priority recognition of their emergency. The primary settlers can become a residentand buildings, in which there is a threat of collapse, or those who need to relocate by the court. Prior to the preparation of the program of resettlement, local authorities must assess their willingness to resettle, and the option is economically advantageous – it is better to build housing, to purchase an apartment from the developer or on the secondary market.

Stipulated in the document and which apartment should be to resettle people from dilapidated houses. It should be housing with hot and cold water, heating, Sewerage, electricity. The apartment needs to be finished, installed plumbing fixtures, entrance and interior doors, stove, etc.