The Ministry of agriculture actively revives the system of agricultural insurance

the Ministry of agriculture has agreed with the Ministry of Finance on the allocation in 2020, an additional 2 billion rubles for the financing of the system of agricultural insurance, Deputy Minister of agriculture Yelena fastova.

the Ministry of agriculture will allocate 4 billion rubles of state subsidies for soybeans and canola

in Addition, next year the Ministry plans to introduce a two-tier system of agricultural insurance. Farmers now have the right to insure the crop from a shortfall due to adverse weather conditions, and this system is not particularly popular. Last year was insured for only 6% of the acreage. The Ministry of agriculture intends to add insurance against emergencies. “These risks are minimal, but agricultural producers will get compensation for all the costs incurred,” said Fastiv. It is estimated that to cover insurance against emergencies get 70-80% of farmers. This will require about 15 billion rubles of state funds.

Advantage of the existing system of agricultural insurance – multirobot, that is protection from almost all kinds of adverse natural phenomena, the disadvantage is the relatively high cost to farmers, the President of the National Union of agricultural insurers the Roots of biggov. “The addition of the system of agricultural insurance insurance policy direct costs in emergencies will help to cover all major agricultural regions. The insurance company will assess the damage and make payments once witnessed a dangerous phenomenon, with per hectare, without waiting for the crop to be counted. It will be more convenient for farmers,” – said the expert.