housing goes in all the cities, said the head of the Ministry of construction, but in small towns it often happens that the sales price of housing is very low. After the transition to project financing for small developers is difficult to find the money for the construction of residential complexes.

Banks, in assessing whether to give loans for such projects without government decide what to lend it is impossible, said Yakushev. And then the economic problem becomes a social one. “Everyone understands the subject. We are currently preparing a regulatory document on how to start such projects to provide real support. Our goal is to use housing on the map of the Russian Federation developed everywhere evenly and equally,” he said in his speech at the first meeting in the new composition of the Public Council under the Ministry of construction.

In the new Public Council now consists of 36 people. His chair was Sergei Stepashin, who headed the Council the previous six years. The Council set up 16 commissions, the chairmen that outlined what areas plan to do. So, the head of the Commission for housing and communal services Irina Bulgakov has offered to raise funds for special accounts for capital repair to improve energy efficiency of homes. The Chairman of the Commission for project financing Rifat Garipov – to consider measures to support developers in small towns and piecemeal disclosure of escrow accounts. The head of the Commission in the field of housing policy Nadezhda Kosareva asked the Ministry to expedite the adoption of decisions before the Commission raised issues about the provision of housing waiting list (average waiting period for apartments is about 20 years old), on the development of affordable housing rental (for the whole country as there is only 10 of rental houses of social use) and on renovation.

the Head of the Ministry stressed that the criticisms of the Ministry that are not taken due efforts to eliminate waiting lists for housing, is misdirected. “Within the limits of budgetary obligations, which are received by the Ministry of construction, we are working on and all the necessary resources brought to the recipients,” he said. When forming the next budget, the Ministry will again ask for increased funding for these purposes, however, when talking about the 10% budget cuts, this is unlikely. According to the Minister, on the solution of this problem needs trillions of rubles.

Very popular, according to the Minister, was the program of mortgage with state support. She performed two functions: supported buy houses citizens and gave the signal to developers that there is demand and you can go into new projects. With regard to the possible extension of the program, as noted Yakushev, after repeated discussions in the government, it was concluded that the need to see the results of her RA��comes, and only then make a decision – whether to extend the program or maybe how to reformat. “But so far, so good,” he said.

in addition, Yakushev thanked the Public Council for the broadcast of information from the regions about the state of housing and communal services. “Was a very tense moment when in the period of restrictive measures fell payments for utility services, the Minister said. – Even somewhere close to the panic was the situation: what we can do to get ready for winter and that these payments may not be restored. Thank God, now the payments are restored”.