The Ministry has proposed to clarify the rules of sale of alcohol

the Ministry of industry and trade developed a draft decree “On approval of rules determining the locations of sources of increased danger and rules of defining the boundaries of adjacent territories where not allowed the retail sale of alcoholic products and the retail sale of alcoholic beverages in the provision of catering services”.

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According to Minister of industry and trade Denis Manturov, we are talking about the establishment of clear rules and guarantees transparent and fair discussion of regional initiatives to determine the size of the adjacent territories, with the participation of all stakeholders, including representatives of the business community.

the project foresees the adoption of rules of regional authorities determine the locations of sources of increased danger and borders of the adjacent territories where not allowed the retail sale of alcoholic beverages. In addition, the project determination of the minimum and maximum values of adjacent areas are left to the discretion of local authorities.

“If the local authority decides to increase the size of the borders of adjacent territories, it will need to prepare the rationale for this decision, including its use from the point of view of reducing the consumption of alcohol – to avoid unnecessary negative consequences for entrepreneurs. In addition, in the preparation of the municipal legal act, we proposed to establish a special Commission for the evaluation of this act. Emphasize that the composition of this Commission should consist of not less than 50% of entrepreneurs or associations and unions in the trade sector, and the decision on approval of the draft municipal a legal act must be adopted by 2/3 majority of the total number of members of the special Commission”, – said Denis Manturov.

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He added that the draft municipal legal act can be directed to public discussion only after the local authority will receive the opinion of a special Commission.

Controversy about how far from schools and clinics must be shops and cafes selling alcohol goes a long time. And now essentially all at the mercy of local authorities. Some are allowed to sell alcohol in 5 meters from the hospital or 10 metres from the school, others postpone such sale for 300 meters. In the case of retail sale of alcohol is not so in principle and more importantly, at what distance from the school is the store. Because the sale of liquor to children is prohibited by law. Well, if next to the school will open cafes or wineries, it is quite another matter. Drunken visitors – not a good example for the younger generation.