The Ministry explained to incorrect calculation of child benefits

the Need for this arose after the Agency showered with complaints from ordinary citizens. People in some regions of the country faced with the denial of accrued benefits children. Officials when calculating annual income for some reason included not only wages and other earnings of parents, but also child allowances, which they received last year as poor. Due to this arithmetic of the family, without knowing it, “rich”. However, only on paper. But it was enough to get the denial of monthly payments on the first and second child for 2020. To deal with the resulting mess, the Ministry of labor sent to all regions of the letter with the explanation of the procedure for the calculation of per capita family income for purpose of social protection bodies such payments. “It clearly stated that the purpose of making monthly payments – increasing the level of family income. Therefore, those monthly payments in connection with the birth or adoption of the first and second child that the family received during the preceding year are not counted in her income when applying for the appointment of these payments next year” – said the Agency.