the Minister of defence of Italy Lorenzo Guerini in a telephone conversation with the head of the Russian defense Ministry Sergei Shoigu expressed his sincere gratitude for the prompt and timely assistance of Italy in fighting the spread of coronavirus infection. This assistance has asked President Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte. The Russian defense Ministry in late March, sent to Italy a detachment of military experts.

the Italian Minister of defense noted the highest level of professionalism, dedication and responsibility of the Russian military experts in biological protection and military medics. He promised, if necessary, to provide Russia with the necessary assistance. The defense Ministers spoke about the measures taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus and agreed to continue dialogue.

the defense Ministry reported that military doctors transferred by the Italian colleagues the equipment and property of the intensive care unit and the therapeutic Department of a field hospital in Bergamo.

There was held a rally on the occasion of the departure of Russian specialists from Italy. The authorities of the province of Lombardy, Bergamo, military leadership thanked the Russian colleagues. “What you did, you created the conditions for the continuation of this experience and friendship. Thank You,” said the prefect of Bergamo, Enrico Ritchie.

the representative of the Ministry of civil protection of Italy Pietro Foroni said Bergamo and Lombardy will never forget Russian assistance. “Whenever you come you will find here a second home,” he said.

In Bergamo from April 6 to may 7, Russian military experts have treated 115 cases of coronavirus infection. 76 patients have recovered and been discharged. At the field hospital worked 8 Russian medical teams, 32 medic. The vigil was organized around the clock in 3 shifts.

on the Eve Sergei Shoigu at the meeting, the defense Ministry ordered to celebrate returning from Italy professionals and submit them for the award.