“I take full responsibility for the deterioration of relations between South and North Korea and decided to resign – said today in the second half of Minister Kim told reporters. – My apologies for not being able to realize the hopes and aspirations of many of our people, who wanted peace and prosperity on the Korean Peninsula,” he said, adding that “someone has to take responsibility for the incident” and decided that it would be he.

the Minister of unification briefed reporters that the corresponding resignation in the morning he has already transferred to presidential administration of the Republic of Korea. The President moon Jae-In still needs to officially accept the resignation of Kim Yong-Chul.

Recall that recently there has been a sharp deterioration in inter-Korean relations. Pyongyang accused Seoul of reneging on agreements and the direction of propaganda leaflets to the DPRK. Despite the quick response of the government of the South and steps to curb the activities of activists sending leaflets, the North went on whipping up tensions.

over the last few days to the South followed one after another, some threatening statements, many of which were made on behalf of younger sister of DPRK leader Kim Jong-UN Kim-Jeong. Yesterday, the DPRK defiantly blew up the building of inter-Korean liaison office in Kaesong, today announced the intention to send troops and weapons in Kaesong, MT. and other border areas. In this case the North in the text of the new applications used some very harsh language personally to the address of the RK President moon Jae-In, prompting the South to respond harshly to northerners.

the Minister of unification of South Korea, Kim Yong Chol is one of the key figures of the team, which, together with moon Jae-Otherwise tried to cooperate with North Korea. The post of Minister of unification, Kim was appointed in April last year.