– in September of the 250 schools of Russia starts the project “500+”. The project will organize a regional creative teaching lab at school, to improve the skills of teachers, to implement research and creative work. And, most importantly, the project “500+” will be included in the national project “Education”. This means that we can send to help underperforming schools Federal resources to provide them with modern equipment, – said Sergey Kravtsov. Next year after successful testing the project will be expanded to include more schools.

It’s all change in the national project “Education” or will else?

Sergey Kravtsov: It will be adjusted and reoriented for more education in General. The problem is that just bet on further education we will not solve the problem of quality education for all students. Therefore, all created in the framework of the national project close Quantonium, IT Cuba, the centres of “growth Points” should be effectively integrated into the mainstream education system. Today we call regional Kvantorium and ask questions: “How do you work with schools?” Definitive answers cannot hear, and some do shrug. It should not be, now we reconfigures the system so that it was the close conjunction – school education and children’s additional education. And all the following objects will be created only on the basis of schools!

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