on 21 may, the Hero of Russia Sergei Shoigu will be 65. Of these, eight he as Minister of defence. A word about the fact that someone doesn’t want to talk with Lavrov, will speak with Shoigu, is a fixed expression. So what is it, Sergei Shoigu?

to Write on the head of the military Department both easy and difficult at the same time. Easy — because he made quite a few. But for the same reason, difficult: try to choose the most important thing. Here are just a few touches to the portrait, noticed on trips with the Minister.

“You want someone to cheat?!”

Kamchatka. February 2014. The point-based Russian nuclear submarines in Vilyuchinsk. Those who are on active duty in the Pacific ocean and reminiscent of foreign strategists, what are the plans for Russia it is better to refrain. Just in case.

At the naval base accelerated pace (well, usually) is prepared to surrender the infrastructure for submarines with a new generation of Intercontinental missiles. They should arrive after the test to the Pacific fleet.

the Sub will have a lot that all systems are operated: fuel, electricity, water, oxygen and nitrogen. So at the pier is erected a small factory for the production of all the necessary. The construction of the object arrived from Moscow to inspect the Minister.

Journalists not to drive the tail of the entourage, as usual, brought to the point in advance. Standing, waiting… the room as a Room. It is seen that remake, the walls of the pipe, in some places the plaster still wet. Everything seems usual. And then:

— What a cool artist (well or approximately so) made that up? — it can be heard even through the noise of construction hard the voice of the Minister. — You want someone to cheat?!

Minister on the structure, attached to the walls. Here only notice that in a network of welded pipes of different diameter, connected with narrow thick, and then again connected with fat. Contrary to the laws of physics. Probably, in order to create the appearance of — almost everything is ready. Only the “visibility” Shoigu fails.

With the chief engineer of the construction were figured out already without journalists.

But really, who was she bluffing? The graduate of Krasnoyarsk Polytechnic University on a speciality the engineer-Builder, on account of which several large construction sites before he was called into state service?

Biography of chief need to know.

Check — flash readiness — permanent

what state the Armed forces were at the time of appointment, Shoigu defense Minister, said and written a lot. Predecessors it was easy to not break the build. Broke through the knee so that the noise was and splinters flew.

the Prestige of officer service fell through the floor. With a light hand menage��s reformers spree through the corridors of the Ministry of defense derogatory term “little green men”. Disagree with the “reforms” were fired by the hundreds. Remained those who were ready, if necessary, to call white black and black purple. The main thing was — to report.

just with this trouble — fraud — and began to fight hard the Minister Shoigu. Need to understand the reality of the situation. But for the troops is the level of combat readiness. And for the first time when it conducted a surprise inspection of combat readiness of the troops showed that not all accepted before decisions were correct.

“We had to see how the fruits of these solutions work for a living,” said the Minister, in summing up sudden exercise.

I Looked. The effectiveness of communication at the level of 18%. Alerted troops shot at the “poor”. Here’s the solution: “in the coming weeks will sign the Directive on magnification of number of firings”.

Incorrect recognized and another decision of the reformers of the mass reduction of military airfields and the establishment of megawaves. “The decision on the creation of several major bases from the viewpoint of savings may be right, but in terms of a reflection of possible threats — no” — summary of the Minister.

Today, a sudden check — routine. But without them, it is still unknown whether to spend surprised everyone in the world the operation of our Air and space forces in Syria.

But the checks — only the beginning. Enough to understand what weapons and equipment of the army is necessary. It is also necessary to organize the re, to oblige industry to supply all ordered the army on time and in proper quality.

none of the major supplier of weapons and military equipment did not remain without attention Shoigu and his Deputy for armaments. Geography trips with them all Russia: Severodvinsk, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Kazan, Ulyanovsk.

To allocated for defense order funds are not left on the side, have introduced a unique system of financial monitoring. Won the right to penalize unscrupulous suppliers for marriage and the failure time.

the Result, in 2020 the share of modern weapons in the army and Navy will be 70%. And in the beginning of the decade the figure was at the level of 15-20%.

the width of the palm of the Minister

I will Say, Shoigu Minister harsh? I’m not sure. Though, because of the harsh, strict person is unlikely to support a joking matter. But Shoigu supported. Since 2013 in the Russian army a military League of Club cheerful and resourceful. Alexander Maslyakov not against it, to the contrary.

In one season the jury, which, by the way, Sergei Shoigu is not included, awarded first place women’s team’s “Secret weapon” of Volsk branch of the Academy of rear. “Military team with a completely non-military logthe IR”, as called themselves ladies, it was a joke, after which the audience burst into applause: “What distinguishes the male from the female barracks? In the female portrait of the Minister of defence zatselovali”.

Handing on the traditions of his General’s hat to the captain Daria denisiuk, Shoigu also could not resist a joke. That’s what statutory long should the skirt have female soldiers? It appears, from the knee to the width of the palm of the Minister of defense.

Yes there military KVN! And how do you get 650 thousand Unarme? Do you know how much willing to top up? Turn. So easy and will not get. As the initiator of the youth military-Patriotic movement also Sergei Shoigu.

the Regional branch of Unirii can be found throughout the country. The defence Ministry strongly supports it. And even provides benefits to huarmaca to enroll in military universities. And all because the change should be prepared.


you Know what you are most afraid subordinates Shoigu on Frunzenskaya embankment? Think of the machinations of NATO or the Pentagon? Wrong. NATO seeds. Most of all they fear to fail the Boss. And because, perhaps, impossible for them becomes possible.

That stood for decades to the building of main command of Land forces in the Stalinist Empire style. Dilapidated and bleak multimeter corridors and boring interiors of military offices. For literally years it was unrecognizable.

Now it is the national control center of defense of the country. As expected, command post, high-level, equipped with modern electronics, security systems and security-protected connection. Instead of a neglected inner courtyard for an indoor atrium. Though the concerts are conducted.

On a conference videocomedy the Minister coming from all regions, from Kaliningrad to the Kuril Islands, from Tiksi in the North to Crimea in the South.

the New control center showed professional intelligence officers, foreign military attaches of the NATO countries. I think especially. Organized a tour for them. Showed, of course, not all, and what you can. But it was enough to hit NATO representatives. You should have seen the “inverted” faces of those who managed to persuade to share impressions… Surely then respect us, and fear increased.

And recently coronavirus threw the war Department a new task. At first glance from the category of impossible — to build for a month and a half and equipped with everything necessary 16 infectious centers in all four military districts. Even Putin, as he later admitted, didn’t believe that was possible. It turned out, believed in vain.

the Work proceeded in three shifts. Established a clock control. And not just a remote. The Deputy��Titel Shoigu for the construction of Timur Ivanov visited almost all objects.

on may 15 as planned, the last 8 of the 16 centres were ready to receive patients.

it is said that in the intelligence services of the United States and its allies have entire departments that study the state of Affairs in the Russian army. I think with Shoigu, they added. Perhaps even the state had to expand. And most importantly, the nature of the analyzed information has changed dramatically.

Previously, after which the military information came from Russia? Well, for example, that the next missile regiment or division went under reduction, closed another military school, failed a military satellite. All to the delight of foreign analysts!

Now for the NATO headquarters, it’s much worse. That “Putin’s arms” suddenly POPs up, then suddenly the Russian military are in Syria or Italy to help fight the virus. Well, initiatives Shoigu’re probably lost count. Try uledi: military-technical forum “Army”, scientific and production company, innovative military Technopolis “Era” in Anapa,-military training centers at civilian universities, military-Patriotic Park “Patriot” and centers of “vanguard”.

All will be well!

Spring of 2014. In Ukraine a coup. The first blood was shed. Smoke from burning on the Maidan tires like hell from the box popped out of the crowd Natsik. And separated from Kiev Sabbath Crimea preparing a referendum on independence. Safety in the form of “polite people”.

In Russia surprise military exercise out in the position areas of missile regiments of the strategic missile forces. Obviously, just in case.

From friends and then I hear: “will there be war? What do you say?”

And here the international women’s day. In the Theatre of the Russian army pre-holiday event. Should speak with Shoigu. A room full of women in uniform. They gathered to congratulate him. And the mood, felt not very festive. It is seen that in addition to the duty of congratulations with Women’s day they are waiting for some much needed words.

And they sounded. “I would like to say to reassure everyone that all will be well! Do not worry, do not worry, welcome the festival, celebrate spring, — correctly guessing the General mood, suddenly said Sergei Shoigu. — All will be well. We won’t allow”.

And safer was not only the women in the audience.