a week ago, you had The Minds of 99 have celebrated the release of their new single, but then destroyed the corona-crisis the good mood. Now the lead singer Niels Brandt found peace in the involuntary pause, and looking forward to see what it all ends up.

“Hello, David, it’s Niels,” saith the Thursday morning over the phone.

Hi, Niels. How’s it going?

“It will be brilliant.”

It is good to hear, because the atmosphere is unfortunately very negative for the time being.

“Well, there’s a personal side, and so is a social. I am actually quite divided. On the one hand, I have for example an uncle with a bad heart, who just don’t get corona. So I have also a shop with my wife, as we have been forced to close.”

Yes, your jewellery shop?

“Exactly. So, on the way, it has some negative consequences. But at the same time, I also see all of the positive things, like for example, I for a long time have not really felt that I could hear myself think. It I can now. Personally, it was just what I needed.”

You needed to get ro on?

“Yes, I think there is plenty of positive to be found in the situation. For example I think the field of art and culture, that we are seeing a resurgence on the other side. Now people have finally the room to find out who they are, instead of going after what others think.”

Your new single ‘Big City, Bright Lights’, which sounds now, should have been out already in the last week. Why waiting for?

“We did not want. We thought of everything else. We had to adjust ourselves to this new reality.”

How did you do it yourself, when everything was shut down?

“It was a little chaos. I could almost only survey to follow the news. As the days go by, I begin so to be able to comprehend more and more. Now I’m curious as to what this entails.”

Have you got some new hverdagsrutiner?

“I’m really very, together with my wife and children. It was exactly what we needed. You are even more together now than when you are on holiday. So we take in the woods and all the places where there are other people.”

How old are your children?

“Arthur is nine, and Stella one and a half.”

So it stands on homeschooling. How are you with it?

“It is the fat. It also gives Arthur the structure of everyday life. He needs to use both his brain and body, and I like to sit and try and help with homework. It is fun to see how his brain works. I think also, of course, it can be a tense situation, but it is primarily good.”

You live in the apartment. In community singing in your farm?

“Yes. I haven’t really sung so much with yet, as it has been at times, where I would need something else, but I reckon because with the soon to join. People in the yard are also good to help each other with, for example, buying into. There is generally a good atmosphere.”

according to your great concert in the Park for september to look forward to when the here break is hopefully over.

“Yes, I am completely crazy. Coronakrisen has not been done, that I am looking forward less to the Park.”

You can’t get bad thoughts about what if it gets canceled?

“No, for then we will find the just a different date. We have even booked the Park, so if you are not allowed to congregate, we just do it another day.”

How should you celebrate the release of your new single on Friday?

“I am going to livestreame from The Minds of 99’s Instagram at 20.30 at home with myself. So it may be the other from the band call in, and we get a glass of champagne.”

It sounds good. And health it also good?

“Yes, I have damn well had nothing. We are all healthy”.