the press service of the Northern fleet on Saturday said that the launches were carried out missiles without a warhead. And their aim was to test the operability of complex in the high latitudes. The test provided a tactical team, stationed at a military base “Arctic Shamrock” on the island of Alexandra Land – it is part of the archipelago of Franz-Joseph.

Explain that there are three kinds of firings of air defence equipment. There are so-called electronic missile launches. Instead of the munition at a target “beats” electronic pulse and special equipment records the accuracy of its contact with the object conditional attack. This kind of shooting, as a rule, used to monitor readiness of the calculations to the actual destruction of air targets. Launches of missiles without a warhead, as has been said, is carried out to test air defense systems. Finally, the combat missile firing in time of peace is carried out on major training exercises and maneuvers or during control checks on special grounds. In these cases, use a rocket with a warhead, and as targets for them are different types of these targets. For example, the product “Pig”, simulating the sky at high speed ballistic object.

Recall that the anti-aircraft missile and gun complex “Carapace-SA” developed specifically for use in Arctic conditions. He put on the database two-tier tracked all-terrain vehicle “knight” and able to act on the polar terrain in a wide range of temperatures . “Shell-SA” can carry out protection defended object from ground and surface threats.

the First division of such complexes, which entered service in the Kola connection of air defense, was replaced on an experimental combat duty in the Northern fleet in July of last year. But the General public it was first presented at the Victory Parade in Moscow may 9, 2017.

According to the Northern fleet, in addition to “Shell-SA” armed tactical group of the Northern fleet on the island of Alexandra Land are also coastal missile complexes “Bastion”, equipped with anti-ship missiles “Onyx”.