The military are deploying field hospitals and take air samples

the Ministry of defence to the correspondent “RG” told about the capabilities of this medical item. His laboratory and diagnostic module allows for the day to spend up to a thousand x-ray, x-ray and ultrasound studies. At the field hospital has its own dressing room, where the day can provide first aid to the more than 60 patients. In the surgical module is to hold for the same time up to 8 operations. The hospital has its own emergency room, the intensive care module and the mobile complex medical care. All facilities are equipped with a system of Autonomous life-support equipment air conditioning and air purification, water and electricity supply, heating and ventilation. This is especially important when it comes to the treatment of infectious diseases.

Photo: Press-service of the Western military district Combat capabilities howitzers “Msta-s” caliber NATO showed in the video

Meanwhile, in the four regions of the Western military district has formed a specialized group of troops – the creation of them provided by the plan, on the eve announced by defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. These groups have included units of the troops of radiation, chemical and biological protection, medical, engineering and logistical units, military police. Only about a thousand soldiers and officers and more than 200 pieces of equipment: mobile systems for chemical protection, decontamination of military kits, water dispensing stations ARS-14KM heat engine special processing of TMS-65У and systems field laboratories KLP-10. With their help, located in Sankt-Petersburg regional centre management staff of the WMD receives round the clock information, and analyzes the epidemiological situation in areas of operations.

Considered and givennye with mobile posts RSBS. Using chemical reconnaissance vehicles RHM-6 in the Leningrad, Nizhny Novgorod, Voronezh and Kursk regions on the route of the Interservice took samples of air, water and soil. They gave crews field laboratories KLP-10. In case of detection conventional virus, the borders of its distribution and other information will be marked on the electronic map. Online it is available to all commanders from the platoon to the commander of the district. Only after the assessment of the level of infection fighting equipment sent to landfills.

the Ministry of defense speaks of “conditional epidemiological situation”, but against the pandemic coronavirus arranged by the President verification does not look conventional teaching. Although cases of this infection in the army is not fixed, something our military has never faced. Therefore, it is important to work out all of the action throughout the army hierarchy – from the Ministry of defence to each platoon and calculation. Including to perform transport capacity of the office for transportation and air and rail transport the necessary forces and resources in remote areas, infected, and implement complex quarantine and treatment.

To solve this problem about a dozen military transport Il-76 flew from Tver, Pskov, Orenburg and Ulyanovsk regions on an operational airfield near Saratov. Their crews will be engaged in the transfer of personnel and equipment of the troops of radiation, chemical and biological protection over long distances.


the Russian defense Ministry decided to move spring break to the subordinate pre-University educational institutions for the summer. This was announced by the state Secretary of the Ministry Nikolai Pankov.

Photo: Alexander vilf/RIA Novosti there were photos of BMP “kurganets-25” with combat module “Epoch”

“every day We are monitoring the situation in every pre-University school, taking additional preventive measures. Today the situation is stable and under full control, ‘ he said by teleconference to the guys. And we, and your parents have had concerns, how to organize the move each of you to the place of residence without risk for your health, how to ensure the return after the holidays”. Then the decision was made to carry.

the other guys don’t be sad for them to arrange an online presentation. So, the first concert in the mode of video conferencing has given the song and dance ensemble of Alexandrov. His artists performed Patriotic songs, and then the students were able to communicate with soloists and musicians.