Made of Indian granite monument, weighing four tons is a three-meter globe, which has located on the 45th parallel the most famous cities in the world: Italian Turin, us Tucson, Bordeaux, France and canadian Ottawa.

the Unusual monument was erected on the initiative of the Krasnodar regional branch of the Russian geographical society together with one of the largest food companies of the Kuban with the support of the regional administration. The opening is timed to the 175th anniversary of the RHS.

– In the project involved more than fifty experts in various fields, – said the Chairman of the regional branch of the society Ivan Chaika. – Only one bronze ball for more than seven months have produced in Yekaterinburg. I hope that with time, this sculpture will become one of the new attractions of Krasnodar.

As you know, the 45th parallel is called the “Golden mean of the Earth.” It is believed that this Parallels the most favorable climate on the planet.


Krasnodar has a special it is located on the 45 th parallel of North latitude which is equidistant from the North pole and the equator. From West to East the parallel is in the area of Yablonovsky bridge, at the intersection of Industrial and name Zakharov, crossing the lake Old Kuban, and then in Adygea runs deep into Eurasia to Sakhalin island. Around the globe and across the Pacific ocean, North America, Atlantic ocean and Europe, the 45th parallel is returned to Krasnodar from the Crimea and the Taman Peninsula.