The Meteorologist said about the occurrence of a record for March heat

According to him, this is due to the transport of air masses not only from the South but from the Southeast. And in the first half of the week the air in the center of the European territory will come from the South and South-West and the second from the East and South-East. And that East winds will bring a special warmth.

In the first half of the week, said Vilfand, the temperature will be 6-8 degrees above normal. The day is expected from plus 5 to plus 10 degrees, but the weather will be cloudy, possible light rain. Maybe even warming up to plus 11 degrees.

Photo: iStock Vilfand said, is there a relationship between winter and summer weather

In the middle of the week the composition of the air changes, the moisture will become smaller. Increasingly to leave the sun and rain will stop. March 8 is also expected not to cold weather, according to preliminary calculations will be from 5 to 10 degrees with a plus sign.

a Number of forecasts expect further warming of air to the middle of the month to plus 13-15 degrees. “The theory forbids us to predict the weather more than 2 weeks in advance. Now the practical predictability is 5 -6 days a couple of years to 7-8 days in advance you can predict the weather. But beyond this limit it is impossible to skip. Longer-term predictions rarely come true. Or it is necessary to possess supernatural knowledge. Among professional forecasters such knowledge no one has,” – said Vilfand.