The meteorologist promised warming up to plus nine degrees

If the last day of February in the afternoon only 2-4 degrees, windy and a little rain, it is already the first of March the temperature will rise, said “the Russian newspaper” the head of the laboratory of hydrometeorological center of Russia Lyudmila Parshina. First March the night will be minus 3-5 degrees, and in the afternoon to plus of 5 degrees. No rain, partly cloudy.

Photo: iStock In Roshydromet said about temperature anomalies in the beginning of March

on Monday, the second of March, small rain, at night plus 2-4 a day plus 4-6 degrees. On Tuesday, the third day of March, cloudy, a little rain, a night to plus 3 degrees, in the afternoon plus 2-7 degrees. And then – from the fourth to the sixth of March – cloudy, light rain, at night, zero and plus 5 degrees, in the afternoon, plus 3-8 degrees. The seventh and eighth of March, nature prepares women your surprise – night is expected plus 1-4 degrees, and a day plus 4 to 9 degrees.

These temperatures, as noted forecaster, will exceed the standards of the first decade of March 6-8 degrees.