The meteorologist promised warm but not extreme summer

Roshydromet and hydrometeorological centre, presented the weather and precipitation on the so-called vegetative period – from April to September.

in April, around or above normal temperature is expected in the North-West of Russia and in Siberia. In the European part about the norms.

Photo: iStock Forecasters predict hot weather in Moscow in a week

May the above rules will be in the West, including in the Moscow region and in Transbaikalia, the Amur region and southern Yakutia. In all other regions around the rules. Excess precipitation can be in the North of Siberia.

In June, the rainfall deficit possible in the West European territory. Above normal in the Urals and Northern Siberia.

July, at the temperatures expected in the normal range. Too much rain possible in the South of Western Siberia. In Europe, August to be comfortable without heavy rainfall.

September is so far the forecasters are quite inhomogeneous month. Indian summer is likely to be, but in what numbers, now, of course, impossible to say. Although in recent years the Indian summer in September has always been, and several times during the autumn.