In June, under the long-term forecast, above normal monthly average temperature can be in the East, southern and North Caucasus Federal districts, in the North of the Ural and Siberian districts, as well as in Tuva.

In the European part of Russia, including in Moscow, the temperature will be within climatic norm.

In the West, Central and North-Western regions of possible precipitation deficit. But a lot of rain is projected in the South of the Urals Federal district, in the South-West and North-East Siberian region.

July in the center of the European territory must also be within normal limits. Above normal average July temperature is expected in the Khabarovsk region and Kamchatka.

the Shortage of rain is possible East of the North-West district, in the Volga district, in the West of the Ural district. Excess rain is most likely in the southwest of Siberian Federal district.

But August is expected to more parts of the European territory warmer than in 2019.

Above normal average temperature is also projected in the southern and North Caucasian Federal districts, on the South of the North-West and West of the Volga districts, in the North of Yakutia, Magadan oblast and Chukotka.

In the Metropolitan area in the last month of summer can be warm and quite dry. Little rain may fall South of the North-West and West of the Volga districts, in the North-East of the Ural district and in the Central regions of the Krasnoyarsk territory. Excess rain is most likely in Primorsky Krai and southern Khabarovsk Krai.