the Altai Republic will face a serious second wave of the flood. This is with reference to the hydrometeorological centre reports GTRK “Altai”. The thing is — the vast reserves of snow in the mountains of the Altai region.

How figured out the experts of the West-Siberian administration for Hydrometeorology and environmental monitoring, investigating Seminsky pass, now snow reserves exceed the norm by half. At an altitude of over kilometers, recorded a loss of double the rainfall of 110 millimeters. So the melting of the flood wave will be very strong.

According to the chief Western-the Siberian hydrometeorological centre Anna Lapchik, last year, the situation was more calm. This spring, the zone of probable flooding may increase significantly.

meanwhile, now in the midst of the first wave of the flood, and the Altai forecasts of experts come true already. The temperature reached 0 degrees, began active melting of snow in the foothills. It is expected that the opening of the rivers will start for 2-5 days earlier than usual. With such snow, the level of Altai rivers is likely to exceed the long-term average indicators.

Text: GTRK “Altai”