will be Based on database of telephone numbers of people infected COVID-19, which is administered by the Ministry of health. Special algorithms will make a list of subscribers who were with them in the same location and was in contact with in the last 14 days. This will allow you to track the spread of the virus and to warn citizens via SMS about potential dangers.

Contact with a sick person in the system is calculated through the filter on the joint finding of subscribers in one location for 5 minutes or more. The document does not specify how many meters is one geolocation. Stipulates only the distance that you can leave the place of isolation for people returning from abroad – from 500 to 2000 m of different operators.

In fact, the system operates for a long time, explained in the Ministry of communications.

“the System was created at the direction oberstab of the government in the spring, – said Deputy Minister Oleg Ivanov. – It allows you to clearly identify violations on the part of citizens who are diagnosed with the coronavirus”. If a person tries to leave the place of his isolation, he will receive a warning SMS.

the Draft order, prepared by the Ministry, is only a formal confirmation of the already existing system. In terms of the holidays, when people actively move around the country, the authorities should be prepared if necessary to use the system to prevent possible foci of coronavirus, said Ivanov.

the System operates only with mobile phone numbers. When creating the Ministry first received an opinion of Roskomnadzor that the mechanism will not affect the rights of citizens as personal data in this system are not processed, said Ivanov.

the Operators declined to comment.