the members of the Council under RF President on development of civil society and human rights intends to request the head of state is extending his powers. Often many of their appeals to state structures of the HRC receives replies, and the situation with the violation of the rights does not change. “So, we should not only ask and recommend, but demand” – according to many human rights activists.

At the HRC plenary session talking about this and Amnesty, torture, solitary pickets and long-overdue changes to the legislation.

the HRC, as is well known, one of the most important institutions for monitoring human rights violations in the country. And the mission, Council members diligently perform, but that’s not always leads to some results. Examples of this mass.

Here, for example, stood up the members of the Committee at the HRC for the editor-in-chief of the journal “Alternative energy and ecology”, the worldwide known scientist Alexander Gusev, who was accused of terrorism (after the call to the Sarov city administration regarding rent increases for laboratory and editorial), asked the attorney General to consider the possibility of closing the criminal case. The reaction was … the transfer of power structures of Russia with information about its investigation to Interpol. But we wrote that the persecution of the scientist not only attracts the attention of the press and the public, but in General is a disgrace to all of us. It turns out that the members of the Council for law enforcement nothing?

Or was made by the HRC with a recommendation not to detain participants of pickets, and the result is “screw” journalists that these same pickets light.

the HRC insisted that was conducted a good and full investigation into torture against the defendants in the case “Network”. And where is it?

And how many important proposals that came from the HRC, was drowned in bureaucratic procedures! Why many of the questions came at a meeting with the head of state (and was approved by them), didn’t he?

the time has Come to expand the powers of the Council to the members it was not like the roosters, who crowed and waiting for the next dawn (read – meeting with the President, which is traditionally held at the end of the year). The idea arose that the members of the HRC could prepare projects of orders, say, at the end of retreats. “Of course, it would be much”, – said the head of the Council Valery Fadeev. By the way, a field meeting may be even this year – but it all depends on the situation of pandemic coronavirus.

a Separate issue – passed first reading the bill about the timing of the appeal. Until now, the appeal was perpetual, and now it is proposed to limit to two months. This means that the impossible will be a review of all old cases, including victims of repression. “We will deprive the descendants of people who suffered��AVSI from the “great terror”, or simply illegal harassment, the right to return the good name,” says former Prosecutor of the USSR, now a member of the HRC, Yuri Kostanov. One of the best examples – if there were no perpetual appeal, still would be considered a criminal the Nobel laureate Joseph Brodsky. Recall that he was tried for parasitism in 1964, and only due to the existing procedure of appeal, he was exonerated. The members of the HRC are going to appeal to the state Duma with the requirement to prevent the adoption of this and other laws that violate human rights.