The members of the CEC will transfer part of their salaries to volunteers

Chairman of the Central election Commission (CEC) of Russia Ella Pamfilova reported that the members of the Commission will transfer some funds from your monthly salary to help the volunteer doctors in the spread of the coronavirus.

"about our modest, but such a true and heartfelt contribution to the fight against the situation, which is… I thank all colleagues from the regions who responded and supported our initiative to list at least a quarter of wages to a good cause. We, the members of the CEC, determined and believe that we send our money to the volunteers, first and foremost, volunteers-doctors", – Pamfilova said at the meeting of the Commission on Wednesday.

According to her, the volunteer doctors "are absolutely targeting assistance to the most vulnerable and lonely people". "medicines, food, the necessities. Let our funds will be spent on it", – said the CEC head.

She noted that the CEC also "considering the support of volunteers and volunteers, who decided to test a new vaccine against coronavirus".

"Now not only people is not easy, but our younger brothers. Decreased help the homeless dogs, cats. So I decided to also their monthly pension to transfer to one of the shelters for cats and dogs. Let this modest contribution. As an act of humanism is also considered important to themselves", – said Pamfilova.

During a pandemic, the coronavirus has infected about 2 million people, more than 125 thousand died. In Russia, according to the Federal operative headquarters of the anti-coronavirus, was 24 490 cases of infection, recovered 1 986 people died in 198.