The meeting in Kemerovo: where will the Kuzbass coal

Russia this year exports of 53 million tons of Kuzbass coal. In Kemerovo discussed plans for the development of the industry, and along with the extension of rail transportation.

Today the delegation headed by first Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov went down into the mine “Taldinskaya-Zapadnaya-1” of company “SUEK” is the largest Russian producer and exporter of coal.

Informal discussion continued over lunch. What the lives of miners, what they care about Andrei Belousov learns not through a third party and in person.

“We need to provide these people a decent life and salary. It is connected first of all with the export of coal export in the Eastern direction, — said Deputy Prime Minister. And that’s actually why I came here… we are suppose to take very serious decisions. And for that you need to feel a little…”.

With a shaft Andrei Belousov took the Minister of transport Eugene Dietrich and the head of Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov to embrace the spirit of the miners before the meeting, which was vital for the industry question: the export of coal by rail to the East. The meeting was held behind closed doors.

“Made a very important breakthrough: finally managed to agree on the agreement for export of coal. The Eastern direction is the most popular coal companies. Since the beginning of this year, there is a subsidence of one million tons compared to the previous year; agreed that it will be compensated”, — said Andrey Belousov.

In the presence of the first Andrei Belousov, the government of Kemerovo region and JSC “Russian Railways” agreed to transport at least 53 million tons of coal in the Eastern direction in 2020. Signed and additional cooperation agreement until 2035.

“… This agreement allows coal miners to have a guarantee before the end of the year,” — says Oleg Belozerov

the government of the region believe that the compromise that has been found today, callwould allow the coal miners of the Kuzbass at the end of this year to show result not worse last year’s.