For treatment in the multipurpose medical center of the Ministry of defense in Sevastopol received the first suspected coronavirus.

As the head of Department of information support of the black sea fleet Alexey Rulev, soldiers were the preliminary diagnosis of acute respiratory infection. They took samples for coronavirus and conducted a study using the PCR method (polymerase chain reaction).

– all patients received a negative result, is the standard treatment for respiratory infection – said Rulev.

He added that military doctors carried out the examination of patients using the modern diagnostic medical equipment.

All diagnostics are conducted on the spot, which reduces the time of diagnosis and determine treatment methods. In addition to infectious diseases, the medical center allows you to assist in therapeutic any disease.

the facility has 25 doctors, 47 nurses, and 45 nurses, all nurses received additional training.

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Multifunctional medical center was built on the site of 1472 naval clinical hospital of the black sea fleet for 57 days. This two-story building with a total area of over 6000 square meters, designed for 60 beds. The medical center equipped with a computer tomography apparatus of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, ultrasound equipment, anesthesia and endoscopy, and a stock of medicines. Treatment there will be soldiers, and, if necessary, and civilians.