New York Times published a new article about attributed to Russia’s collusion with the terrorist organization Taliban (banned in Russia): citing American and Afghan officials, the newspaper said that the drug smuggler Rahmat Azizi became the main intermediary between two parties.

According to the publication, Azizi was related to some construction project coalition headed by the USA, and then went to work in Russia. In the NYT saying that the intelligence reports that confirm Afghan officials, reported that Azizi for several years transferred money from the Russian military intelligence insurgents related to Taliban. As noted, about six months ago intelligence raided the offices of several businessmen in the Kabul and Kunduz, associated, in her view, the “scheme of compensation”.

Deputy head of the provincial Council of Kunduz Savielly Amiri said that the aim of the operation was Azizi who visited Russia and said that work there, but no one knew what he was doing. Amiri asserts that at the time of the RAID, Azizi “escaped”.

Previously, the newspaper the New York Times, citing anonymous us intelligence officials, produced an article, which stated that Russian military intelligence has offered a reward associated with the Taliban militants for attacks on American troops in Afghanistan and that the US President Donald Trump reported it.

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