NATO refused military exercises near the Russian borders, despite the pandemic coronavirus.

the Aim of the Alliance is the desire to provoke Moscow to take retaliatory aggression, assured journalists Contra Magazin.

According to the newspaper, 15 may, NATO conducted in Latvia international operation Open Spirit and in June is going to organize the teaching of Allied Spirit, which will be a small version of the teachings of the Defender of Europe. Will be practiced in the transfer of the American military in Europe. It is noted that the United States can use its bombers.

At that time, Russia retains the second month moratorium on military exercises. However, Moscow will not silently observe what is happening, and will resume the maneuvers, said the authors of the material. Apparently, this is what the Alliance is seeking to “accuse Russia of aggression”, then there is a reason to spend even more exercise, the article notes.

conclude the authors of the material efforts of the Russian side to normalize relations with NATO do not lead to results due to the hostile sentiments “supporters of the cold war” in the Alliance.