He thanked the Public headquarters for the monitoring and surveillance of the national vote in the city, from the first day of monitoring the situation with voting in the capital: “on this occasion, I would like to thank the Public chamber of Moscow, the Public mission monitoring the vote, 20 thousand observers, who took the initiative, registered, trained, and today, here’s this whole army of people overseeing the voting, and ensure its legitimacy. A huge number of employees of election commissions, members of electoral commissions. They fell, of course, a lot of work, generally not comparable, in previous voting”.

the Mayor also drew attention to the fact that the first voting process takes place over seven days: “If earlier it was held for one day, now it’s seven days – seven days the great work which is not terminated even after the end of voting. Is the reconciliation of the electronic voters ‘ lists, paper lists. A lot of work. These seven days – a huge marathon. People, of course, commit a heroic act, I think, and the risk already passed the peak of the pandemic. I hope that today will end with dignity e-voting”. Muscovites according to him actively using the voting method: “Tomorrow is a major day of voting. I hope that he too will be successful.”