the Mayor of Irkutsk city, Ust-Kut ‘ and a member of “United Russia” Alexander Dushin commented on the story of the burning of forests, in which local residents suspected officials of the district administration. According to Dushin, the incident has “political overtones.”

on Tuesday, April 28, the police received a report that around the forest near the tract Loopylove Ust-Kut district burning grass. While on the scene were officials from the administration of Ust-Kut district, including her found the gas cans.

According to Dushin, he now restores the chronology of the incident and have already recorded some video that should shed light on the incident. He did not give a detailed assessment of the events, but said that all this is directed against him and the party.

“This story is purely a political color, to discredit me and the “United Russia”, – said Dushin RIA “Novosti”.

As previously reported, senior officials of the district administration, including the first Deputy head of the district Mikhail bars, went to control several thermal spots using quadcopters. About it they asked the head of the Ust-Kut district Tamara Klimina. According to her, Dushin on its territory regularly arranged “controlled burns” the grass, which every year was a fire in the forest.

Local residents detained the officials and found them in the boats on which they arrived in the forest, a few cans of gasoline. The residents suspected them of trying to set fire to the forest and beat him severely.

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