The mayor of the Ukrainian city of Konotop of Sumy region Artem Semenikhin burned a Russian flag near the building of the Russian Embassy in Kiev. The video he posted on his Facebook.

He explained that the Ukrainian journalist Anatoly Shary released about his case, and “my only sin that I once burned a Russian flag and included the national anthem, directing the column at the side of the separatists”. He then included the national anthem of Ukraine and burned the tricolour.

Semenikhin is a former participant of military operations in the Donbass, member of the nationalist Association “Freedom”. In 2015, he changed his office a photo holding then a post of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko at the portrait of the ideologist of Ukrainian nationalists Stepan Bandera. In April 2017 Semenikhin dispersed a gathering of supporters of the movement “Ukrainian choice”, which discussed implementation of the Minsk agreements.

In June of 2019 Semenikhina was brutally beaten by unknown. He was in intensive care with multiple injuries.

June 12, the SBU posted a “special billboards and good Patriotic mural” , which “must remind the aggressor country about the attitude of Ukrainians to its action.” I wrote about this Ukrainian Pravda. “Greetings from the SBU to the so-called "Day of the Russian Federation",” — commented the publication of the representatives of Ukrainian special services.