the Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo were among those whose gigantic efforts, the city got the Olympics. And 60-year-old gregorianica, which was soon facing re-election, which she is mistress, answered the doubters in the pages of the popular sports newspaper “EKIP”.

She was sure that the hype raised former opponents of the Olympics, which, and this Hidalgo I agree, hands now new trump card.

Yes, COVID-19 caused damage to the economy of the country and the city, devastated entire industries, and the activities of other temporarily interrupted. But this does not mean that Paris needs to abandon the Olympics.

She was not sure that the cost of the Games, according to opponents, will increase because of the pandemic. All financial liabilities are controlled, and of course, they should not increase. In contact with the organizing Committee of the Olympic games in 2024, we must pay special attention to the distribution of tickets. Yeah, have to revise a lot. Again careful consideration.

including contracts with sponsors and partners. Maybe it sounded boldly – even to limit the role of foreign companies in the Games. To give more opportunities for French entrepreneurs, particularly hoteliers, for delivery to hotels and other areas for foreign tourists. All this will help to establish a save mode.

“We should draw lessons from the crisis,” says Hidalgo, implying that the refusal from holding of the Olympic games, not a speech: “Paris goes to the Games on schedule. No being late”.